5 Best Security Lights with Motion Sensor 2023 UK

Security lights with motion sensors play a crucial role in enhancing safety and deterring potential intruders. By automatically detecting motion and activating the lights, they provide an immediate response to any suspicious activity around your property. This added layer of security creates a sense of alertness and discourages trespassers from targeting your home or business.

One key benefit of using security lights is improved visibility. When motion is detected, the lights illuminate the surrounding area, making it easier to identify potential threats or suspicious individuals. This increased visibility not only enhances security but also allows residents or employees to navigate safely during nighttime hours.

Energy efficiency is another advantage of security lights with motion sensors. Traditional outdoor lights may remain on throughout the night, consuming unnecessary energy. In contrast, motion-activated lights only activate when movement is detected, significantly reducing energy waste and lowering electricity costs.

Convenience is also a notable benefit. With motion sensors, you no longer need to manually turn on and off outdoor lights. The lights automatically switch on when motion is detected and turn off after a specified period of inactivity. This hands-free operation adds convenience to your daily routine while ensuring optimal security.

The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of the best security lights with motion sensors available in the market. By exploring various factors such as detection range, brightness, sensor sensitivity, and adjustability, readers will gain insights into what to consider when choosing security lights. Additionally, the article will present a selection of top-rated products, along with installation and maintenance tips, to assist readers in making an informed decision and ultimately enhancing the safety and security of their property.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Security Lights with Motion Sensor:

A. Detection Range:

When selecting security lights with motion sensors, it is crucial to consider the appropriate detection range for the desired area. The detection range refers to the distance at which the sensor can detect motion. It is important to choose lights with a detection range that matches the specific needs of your property.

The detection range directly affects the light’s ability to sense motion accurately. If the range is too short, the sensor may not detect movement at a sufficient distance, compromising the effectiveness of the security system. On the other hand, if the range is too wide, the sensor may trigger false alarms due to detecting motion from outside the intended area.

By selecting lights with an appropriate detection range, you can ensure that the sensor is capable of effectively monitoring the desired area without false triggers or overlooking potential threats. This helps maximize the security coverage of your property and provides reliable detection when it matters the most.

B. Brightness and Light Output:

The brightness and light output of security lights are vital factors in effectively illuminating the surroundings. It is essential to choose lights with sufficient brightness to ensure optimal visibility and deter potential intruders.

The unit of measurement commonly used to determine light output is lumens. Higher lumen values indicate brighter light output. Depending on the size and layout of your property, you may need lights with higher lumen ratings to cover larger areas effectively.

Having ample brightness in your security lights offers several benefits. Firstly, it enhances visibility, making it easier to identify potential threats or suspicious activities. Bright lights also act as a deterrent, as they increase the perceived risk for intruders, making your property less appealing as a target.

By selecting security lights with sufficient brightness, you can ensure that your property is well-lit, providing a safer environment and deterring potential trespassers.

C. Sensor Sensitivity and Adjustability:

Adjustable sensor sensitivity is an important feature to consider when choosing security lights. This allows you to customize the sensor’s response to motion, preventing false triggers or overlooking actual threats.

Having the ability to adjust the sensor’s sensitivity ensures that it can accurately detect motion within the desired range. For instance, if the sensitivity is set too high, the sensor may pick up movement from distant sources, such as passing vehicles or wildlife, leading to false alarms. Conversely, if the sensitivity is set too low, it may not detect smaller movements, potentially missing genuine security threats.

Lights with adjustable settings, including sensitivity, duration, and range, provide flexibility in tailoring the motion detection to suit your specific needs. This adaptability allows you to optimize the performance of the security lights and reduce unnecessary activations.

By choosing lights with adjustable sensor sensitivity, you can strike a balance between avoiding false triggers and ensuring that the lights promptly respond to genuine motion, enhancing the overall effectiveness of your security system.

Top Picks for Best Security Lights with Motion Sensor:

1. Lepro 20W Security Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor

Lepro 20W Security Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor, 1700 Lumen PIR Light, IP65 Waterproof Motion Sensor Flood Light, Ultra Thin Garden Light Security

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The Lepro 20W Security Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor exceeded our expectations during our recent review. With its impressive brightness of up to 1700 lumens, this security light effectively illuminated our driveway, front door, and backyard. Not only does it provide excellent lighting coverage, but it also saves more than 85% of power, resulting in significant energy cost savings.

The motion sensor proved to be reasonably sensitive, detecting motion up to 8 meters away. We appreciated the flexibility offered by the three setting switches, which allowed us to customize the lighting time, motion distance, and day/night settings according to our preferences. This level of adjustability ensures that the light responds accurately to any movement, enhancing the overall security of the area.

Installation was a breeze, thanks to the neatly trimmed and soldered wires. The compact size of the light allowed for multiple positioning options. We found it perfect for replacing old halogen lights or installing new security lighting. The adjustable bracket also enabled us to easily position the light at various angles, providing versatility in lighting direction.

Constructed with a die-cast aluminum casing and tempered glass, the Lepro Security Lights are built to withstand outdoor elements. With an IP65 protection rating, they are rust-proof and suitable for various outdoor applications. Whether it’s in gardens, courtyards, plazas, or piers, these lights proved to be durable and reliable.

In summary, the Lepro 20W Security Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor is an excellent choice for enhancing outdoor security. Its exceptional brightness, adjustable motion sensor settings, and easy installation make it a standout product. With energy efficiency and a durable design, these lights provide reliable performance and significant cost savings. We highly recommend them for anyone seeking reliable and efficient outdoor lighting solutions.


2. CLY 25W Security Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor

CLY 25W Security Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor, 2100 Lumen IP66 Waterproof LED Floodlight

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After conducting an in-depth review of the CLY 25W Security Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor, we are impressed with its performance, features, and overall quality. This outdoor light provides exceptional brightness, ensuring a well-illuminated area for enhanced security. With its 2100 lumen output, it effectively replaces traditional 150W incandescent bulbs while saving more than 85% of electricity.

The upgraded smart motion sensor of this floodlight offers improved functionality and convenience. The sensing distance has been adjusted to 0-12 meters, eliminating the need for manual operation. With customizable lighting time settings ranging from 10 to 600 seconds, and sensitivity settings for day and night, this sensor ensures accurate and reliable motion detection. The button design simplifies the setup process, allowing precise time adjustments with just a press.

In terms of energy efficiency, the CLY Security Light stands out. Its advanced LED technology and 6500K white light provide optimal brightness and a soft, even illumination. The 28 SMD beads deliver brighter light output, while the fish scale reflector and convex design enhance light reflection. With a 120° lighting range, this floodlight covers a wider area, increasing visibility and security.

The unique design features of this outdoor light add to its appeal. The infrared human body induction function enables instant activation without the need for a manual switch, ensuring convenience and energy savings. The IP66 waterproof technology and IP65 sensor head rating guarantee its functionality in various weather conditions. Installation is hassle-free, thanks to the included bracket that allows 180° adjustment.

With its versatile adjustability, the CLY Security Light is suitable for a wide range of applications. From gardens and garages to doorways and yards, it provides exceptional convenience and safety for outdoor spaces. The durable construction, heat dissipation, and corrosion resistance further contribute to its longevity.

In conclusion, the CLY 25W Security Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor offers outstanding performance and features that ensure reliable security lighting. Its energy-saving capabilities, easy installation, and excellent waterproofing make it a top choice for enhancing safety in various outdoor settings. With a two-year replacement warranty and responsive customer service, CLY delivers a high-quality, cost-effective lighting solution.

3. FLITI 50W Security Lights 

FLITI 50W Security Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor, 5000LM LED Floodlight with

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Our team recently had the opportunity to review the FLITI 50W Security Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor, and we were thoroughly impressed with its performance and features. This outdoor floodlight offers exceptional functionality and provides reliable security lighting for various outdoor spaces.

The PIR motion detector of this light ensures effective operation by automatically turning on when motion is detected at night. With a wide 180° infrared sensor range of up to 50ft/15m, it covers a significant area and enhances safety. The light’s intelligent design saves more than 80% on electricity bills compared to traditional 300W halogen bulbs, making it an energy-efficient choice.

What sets this floodlight apart is its three adjustable working modes: SENS, TIME, and LUX. These modes allow for customized settings, ensuring optimal functionality based on individual needs. The duration of the light can be set between 5 seconds and 10 minutes with the TIME mode, while the working time and detection distance can be adjusted using the LUX and SENS modes, respectively.

With its 5000 lumens and 5000K daylight white lighting, the FLITI motion sensor light offers bright and clear illumination. The innovative heat sink design effectively dissipates heat, resulting in a longer LED lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. The adjustable heads provide flexibility, allowing you to position the lights precisely for optimal coverage.

Installation is quick and easy, requiring no electrician. The FLITI Security Light Outdoor Motion Sensor comes with a 2-year warranty, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction. In case of any issues within the warranty period, the product will be replaced free of charge.

In conclusion, the FLITI 50W Security Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor is a reliable and efficient lighting solution for outdoor spaces. Its advanced features, adjustable modes, and easy installation make it a standout choice. With its excellent performance, energy-saving capabilities, and 2-year warranty, this motion sensor light provides peace of mind and enhanced security.


4. MEIKEE Security Lights with Motion Sensor 25W

MEIKEE Security Lights with Motion Sensor 25W

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After thoroughly testing the MEIKEE Security Lights with Motion Sensor, our team is excited to share our review of this innovative outdoor lighting solution. Packed with advanced features and improved functionality, this product delivers exceptional performance and reliability.

One notable upgrade is the newly improved motion sensor, which now features a push-button design for easier operation. With an extended motion detection range of up to 12 meters and adjustable lighting time settings ranging from 10 to 600 seconds, this security light provides precise and customizable outdoor illumination. The addition of a protective cover enhances its waterproof function, making it suitable for various weather conditions.

The MEIKEE Security Lights boast a front frame made of advanced nano materials, offering superior impact resistance and scratch resistance compared to traditional glass frames. Using SMD technology, these lights provide brighter illumination than other outdoor lights with the same power rating, ensuring enhanced security for your home or business premises. The upgraded shell material guarantees insulation and safety, eliminating the need for an earth wire.

Energy efficiency is another highlight of this product, as it achieves an impressive 80% energy saving compared to traditional lighting solutions. The larger reflective surface minimizes unnecessary light reflection, maximizing the effectiveness of the illumination. Installation is a breeze, with each LED floodlight including all necessary screws and accessories.

With an IP66 waterproof rating for the floodlight and IP65 for the infrared sensor, the MEIKEE Security Lights are built to withstand various environmental conditions, including rain, snow, heat, and cold. The fully sealed protection design ensures reliable performance and durability.

MEIKEE provides excellent service and support, offering a two-year warranty for replacement and a one-month return and refund policy. In case of any issues, their customer service is readily available to assist you.

In conclusion, the MEIKEE Security Lights with Motion Sensor are a top-notch outdoor lighting solution, featuring upgraded components and advanced functionality. With its easy installation, energy-saving features, and superior durability, this product offers reliable and efficient security lighting for your home or business. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your outdoor areas are well-illuminated and protected.


5. NICREW [2-Pack Battery Powered Security Light

NICREW [2-Pack Battery Powered Security Light

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Our team recently had the opportunity to test the NICREW Battery Powered Security Light, and we are pleased to share our findings in this comprehensive review. Designed to provide reliable outdoor lighting, this product offers convenience, functionality, and durability.

With its four high-quality 2W LEDs, the NICREW Security Light delivers an impressive maximum output of 600 lumens. This super-bright illumination effectively lights up your garden, driveway, patio, entrance, or any other area where you need reliable lighting. The light features an intelligent PIR motion sensor with a 120° detection angle, instantly turning on when it detects motion in darkness from up to 16 ft (5m) away.

One notable feature is the auto shut-off function, which conserves energy and prolongs battery life. After 20 seconds of no motion detected, the light automatically shuts off, saving power and ensuring efficient use of battery resources. Installation is a breeze, as the light is powered by four D-Cell batteries (not included) and can be easily installed anywhere with its adjustable lighting direction.

The NICREW Security Light is built to withstand various weather conditions, thanks to its durable construction and tight seals. It performs well in overcast, windy, and foggy conditions, making it a reliable outdoor lighting solution.

Each package includes two outdoor lights with sensors, along with six installing screws for easy setup. Additionally, NICREW provides friendly customer service, ensuring prompt assistance and email responses within 24 hours.

In conclusion, the NICREW Battery Powered Security Light offers exceptional brightness, motion detection capabilities, and ease of installation. With its auto shut-off feature and weather-resistant design, this light provides reliable outdoor lighting wherever you need it. Experience peace of mind and enhanced security with the NICREW Security Light.


Installation and Maintenance Tips:

A. Installation Guidelines:

Begin by carefully reading the manufacturer’s instructions provided with the security lights.
Ensure that the power supply is turned off before starting the installation process to prevent any electrical hazards.
Choose an appropriate location for the lights, considering factors such as the desired coverage area and potential obstructions.
Mount the lights securely using the provided brackets or fixtures, following the manufacturer’s recommendations.
Make sure the lights are positioned at an optimal height and angle for maximum coverage and detection range.
Connect the wiring according to the instructions, ensuring proper insulation and secure connections.
Once the lights are installed, test them to verify their functionality before relying on them for security purposes.

B. Maintenance:

Regularly inspect the security lights for any signs of damage, such as cracks, loose connections, or water ingress.
Clean the lights periodically to remove dirt, dust, and debris that can obstruct the sensors or reduce the brightness.
Check the sensor lenses for any obstructions, such as spider webs or dirt, and clean them if necessary.
Test the lights and motion sensors periodically to ensure they are functioning correctly.
Replace any faulty bulbs or components promptly to maintain optimal performance.
Follow any specific maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer for the recommended products.

Additional Considerations:

A. Energy Efficiency:

Choosing energy-efficient security lights not only reduces electricity costs but also minimizes environmental impact. Look for lights with energy-saving features such as LED technology or built-in timers to control the duration of operation. Additionally, check for energy efficiency certifications like ENERGY STAR, which ensures the lights meet strict energy-saving standards.

B. Integration with Other Security Systems:

Consider the compatibility of the recommended lights with other security systems you may have in place, such as alarms or cameras. Some lights can be integrated into existing security setups, allowing for synchronized functionality and enhanced overall security.


In conclusion, selecting the right security lights with motion sensors is essential for enhancing safety and deterring potential intruders. By considering factors such as detection range, brightness, sensor sensitivity, and adjustability, you can choose lights that best suit your specific needs. Proper installation and regular maintenance will ensure optimal performance and longevity of the lights. Remember to prioritize energy efficiency and consider integration with other security systems for a comprehensive security solution. Take the time to explore the recommended products and seek professional advice if needed, and make an informed decision to protect your property effectively.

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