Best Bathroom Paint 2023

Renovating your bathroom? Choosing the right bathroom paint is essential for a successful transformation. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of selecting the best bathroom paint to achieve professional-looking results. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or new to home restoration, our expert advice will help you make informed decisions and create a stunning bathroom space you’ll love.

Understanding the Basics of Bathroom Paint:

When it comes to bathroom paint, it’s crucial to understand its unique requirements. Discover why bathroom paint is different from standard interior paint, learn about its moisture resistance, mold and mildew prevention properties, and ease of cleaning. We’ll explore various types of bathroom paint, including water-based, oil-based, and mold-resistant options, to help you make an informed choice.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Paint:

  1. Surface preparation: Learn the importance of proper surface preparation for optimal paint adhesion and a long-lasting finish. Discover the steps involved in cleaning, patching, and sanding your bathroom walls.
  2. Color selection: Selecting the right color scheme is vital for creating the desired ambiance in your bathroom. We’ll guide you through the process, considering factors such as bathroom size, lighting conditions, and personal preferences.
  3. Finish options: Explore different paint finishes, including matte, satin, and semi-gloss, and understand their benefits and suitability for bathroom applications. Choose a finish that matches your style and offers the durability required for a high-moisture environment.
  4. Eco-friendly options: If you’re environmentally conscious, we’ll recommend eco-friendly bathroom paint brands and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) options that contribute to a healthier living space without compromising performance.

Recommended Brands and Products for Your Bathroom:

Discover our top recommendations for bathroom paint brands renowned for their quality and durability. We’ll highlight the features and benefits of each brand, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your bathroom renovation project.

The Best Bathroom Paints for a Beautiful and Durable Finish

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Dulux Easycare Bathroom Soft Sheen Paint is our top choice for the best overall bathroom paint. With its non-shiny finish and steam-resistant properties, it offers the durability of gloss paint without the high gloss appearance. It’s also 10 times tougher than conventional Dulux matt and silk emulsion, ensuring a long-lasting finish. The special MouldTec formula provides excellent mould protection for up to five years, as confirmed by independent tests. This paint comes in a wide range of modern and traditional colors, including neutrals that work beautifully in bathrooms. The thick consistency minimizes splattering, making it easy to apply with a brush or roller. It dries evenly and quickly, even in damp bathrooms with little ventilation. You won’t experience peeling or paint washing off the walls like some emulsion paints. Available in a 2.5-liter can, this paint offers excellent coverage and is available in over 25 colors.

  • Johnstone’s Kitchen and Bathroom Emulsion Paint: The best multi-purpose bathroom paint.

Johnstone's 307063 2.5 Litre Kitchen and Bathroom Emulsion Paint

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If you’re looking for a multi-purpose paint that can be used in both bathrooms and other rooms, Johnstone’s Kitchen and Bathroom Emulsion Paint is an excellent choice. With its mid-sheen finish, this paint offers protection against high levels of condensation in bathrooms and kitchens. It is also highly wash-resistant, making it suitable for hallways and playrooms where dirt, stains, and grease may be a concern. This paint is low in odor, making it more pleasant to work with compared to other brands. Customers mention that it is easier to clean off brushes and trays. While it may require two coats for optimal coverage, it offers great durability. Johnstone’s Kitchen and Bathroom Emulsion Paint is available in a 2.5-liter can, and you can choose from 15 colors to suit your preferences.

  • Johnstone’s Speciality Paint to Cover Damp: The best cheap damp paint.

Johnstone's 307955 Paint to Cover Damp White

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For an affordable solution to tackle light damp problems, Johnstone’s Speciality Paint to Cover Damp is an excellent option. This plain white paint offers exceptional opacity, requiring just a couple of coats to achieve a solid finish. It is suitable for various surfaces, including plaster, cement, stone, and brickwork. Whether you have smaller jobs or large areas to cover, you can choose from a 750ml tin or a 2.5-liter tub. This mid-sheen paint provides reliable coverage and is an ideal choice for addressing damp issues around the home.

  • Ronseal Anti Mould Paint: The best for heavy-duty mould protection

RONSEAL AMPWM750 Anti Mould Paint

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If you’re dealing with high levels of humidity and condensation, especially in bathrooms with limited ventilation, Ronseal Anti Mould Paint is your go-to option for heavy-duty mould protection. This paint utilizes advanced encapsulated biocide technology to tackle mould prevention at its source, offering protection for an impressive six years. Despite its thick consistency, which may limit coverage, it is easy to apply and dries in under two hours. Two coats are usually sufficient for optimal results. It’s important to note that this paint has a strong smell, but its performance makes up for it. You’ll find this matt-finish paint effective in keeping mould at bay, and it can be wiped clean without any issues. For added versatility, consider Ronseal’s clear version, which allows you to apply a top coat over a color other than white. Ronseal Anti Mould Paint comes in a 750ml can and is available in two colors.


  • Wickes Bathroom Soft Sheen Emulsion Paint: The best-value bathroom paint


For those seeking great value without compromising on quality, Wickes Bathroom Soft Sheen Emulsion Paint is the ideal choice. This moisture, steam, and mould-resistant paint offers excellent performance at an affordable price. Customers praise its thick consistency, which provides good coverage in just one to two coats. Although some reviewers note that the paint may dry slightly darker than anticipated, they appreciate the range of 18 available colors. With a drying time of two to four hours and minimal odor, this paint is easy to work with. Wickes Bathroom Soft Sheen Emulsion Paint comes in a 2.5-liter can and delivers a soft sheen finish.

In conclusion, these bathroom paints offer exceptional features and benefits to suit various needs and budgets. From the durability and mould resistance of Dulux Easycare Bathroom Soft Sheen Paint to the affordability and versatility of Wickes Bathroom Soft Sheen Emulsion Paint, there is a product for every bathroom renovation project. Choose the paint that aligns with your requirements and preferences, and enjoy a beautiful and long-lasting finish in your bathroom.

Read customer reviews and ratings to gain valuable insights from other homeowners who have used these products.

Application Tips and Techniques for a Professional Finish:

Follow our step-by-step guide for painting your bathroom like a pro:

  1. Essential tools: Gather the necessary tools, including brushes, rollers, painter’s tape, drop cloths, and your chosen bathroom paint. Prepare your workspace for a smooth painting process.
  2. Surface preparation: Learn how to clean your walls, repair imperfections, and apply a primer if recommended by the paint manufacturer. A well-prepared surface ensures better paint adhesion and long-lasting results.
  3. Cutting-in and painting: Master the techniques of cutting-in around edges and corners with a brush, then use a roller for larger areas. Apply multiple thin coats for even coverage, and follow the manufacturer’s recommended drying time between coats.
  4. Curing and drying time: Understand the importance of allowing the paint to cure and dry properly to achieve a durable finish. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal results.

Maintenance and Care for Your Painted Bathroom:

Maintain the beauty of your painted bathroom with these essential tips:

  1. Cleaning: Discover the best practices for cleaning painted bathroom walls using mild, non-abrasive cleaners. Avoid harsh chemicals that could damage the paint. Regular cleaning prevents dirt and grime buildup.
  2. Mold and mildew prevention: Learn how to promote proper ventilation in your bathroom by using exhaust fans or opening windows during and after showers. Address any water leaks promptly to prevent moisture-related issues.
  3. Touch-up and repainting: Over time, touch-ups or repainting may be necessary. We’ll guide you through the process of surface preparation, color matching, and application techniques for seamless touch-ups or repainting projects.

Additional Resources for Bathroom Painting:

Explore these additional resources to further enhance your bathroom painting knowledge:

  1. Online tutorials and videos: Check out websites like Home Improvement Hub or YouTube channels like DIY Home Renovations for detailed video tutorials on bathroom painting techniques.
  2. Local experts and professionals: Consult trusted local painters or visit reputable home improvement stores for personalized advice or professional assistance.
  3. Frequently Asked Questions: Find answers to commonly asked questions about bathroom painting in our FAQ section at below. Gain valuable insights and clear any lingering doubts.


With our comprehensive guide, you’re now equipped with the knowledge to select the best bathroom paint for your renovation project. Consider the unique requirements of bathroom paint, explore our recommended brands and products, and follow the proper application techniques. Maintain your painted surfaces with care, and enjoy a stunning bathroom space that reflects your personal style. Transform your bathroom with confidence using our expert advice and achieve professional-quality results.

Here are some FAQs from beginners:

  1. What makes bathroom paint different from regular interior paint?
  • Answer: Bathroom paint is formulated with additional properties to withstand moisture, resist mold and mildew, and be easy to clean in high humidity areas like bathrooms.
  1. How many coats of bathroom paint should I apply?
  • Answer: The number of coats required may vary depending on the specific paint brand and color. However, as a general guideline, it is recommended to apply at least two coats for optimal coverage and durability.
  1. How do I prepare my bathroom walls before painting?
  • Answer: Proper surface preparation is essential for a smooth and long-lasting paint finish. It involves cleaning the walls, patching any holes or imperfections, and sanding them for a smooth surface.
  1. Can I use bathroom paint in other areas of my home?
  • Answer: While bathroom paint is specifically formulated for high humidity areas, some brands, such as multi-purpose paints, can be used in other rooms as well. However, it’s always best to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for the specific paint you’re using.
  1. How do I choose the right color for my bathroom?
  • Answer: Consider factors like bathroom size, lighting conditions, and personal preferences when choosing a color scheme. Lighter shades can create a sense of space, while bold colors can add character. It’s also helpful to obtain color samples or use online visualization tools to see how different colors will look in your bathroom.
  1. How do I maintain and clean bathroom painted walls?
  • Answer: Regular cleaning using mild, non-abrasive cleaners is recommended to maintain the appearance of painted bathroom walls. Avoid harsh chemicals that could damage the paint. It’s also important to address any water leaks or excessive moisture promptly to prevent mold and mildew growth.
  1. Can I paint over existing mold or mildew in the bathroom?
  • Answer: It is essential to thoroughly clean and remove any existing mold or mildew before painting. Painting over mold or mildew without addressing the underlying issue can lead to further problems. Use appropriate cleaning solutions or consult a professional if necessary.
  1. How long does bathroom paint take to dry?
  • Answer: Drying times can vary depending on factors like paint type, thickness, and humidity levels. It’s best to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for the specific paint product you’re using. In general, bathroom paints can take a few hours to dry to the touch, but full curing may take a few days or longer.

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