3 Best Car Plastic Restorer UK 2023 Back to Black

Your car’s plastic components, such as bumpers, trims, and dashboards, are exposed to the elements daily, leading to fading and deterioration over time. Fortunately, the UK market offers a range of car plastic restorers to help you rejuvenate and protect these surfaces.

In this guide, we’ll explore the key features you should look for in a car plastic restorer, review the top products available in the UK, and provide step-by-step instructions on how to apply them for maximum results.

best car plastic restorer auto back to black

Understanding Car Plastic Restoration

Before delving into product recommendations, let’s understand the basics of car plastic restoration. Your car’s plastic components are susceptible to UV damage and the effects of aging. Over time, they may lose their original shine and become discoloured.

This is where car plastic restorers come to the rescue. These products are designed to revitalize and protect your plastic surfaces, extending their lifespan and enhancing your vehicle’s overall appearance.

Top 3 Best Car Plastic Restorers in the UK to Revive Faded Plastics with Long-Lasting Protection.

Here are our top picks for the best car plastic restorers available in the UK market:

ShineLuxe Auto Plastic Restorer Back To Black Coating Renovator

Revive Your Car’s Plastics with ease!

ShineLuxe Auto Plastic Restorer Back To Black Coating Renovator

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ShineLuxe Auto Plastic Restorer is an absolute game-changer when it comes to rejuvenating your car’s plastic surfaces. I can’t help but share my experience with this incredible product. I have reviewed around 20+ plastic restorers for car for this blog. This one stands out as one of the best.

If you have good budget and don’t want to waste money on trying other substandard after market shines this is the one you should buy now, Avail extra discount from above link!

I was skeptical at first, given the faded and worn-out look of my car’s plastic trims. However, ShineLuxe delivered beyond my expectations. It’s a 5-star product all the way.

Exceptional Restoration: The transformation this product offers is simply remarkable. It brought the deep, rich black color back to my plastic trims, making my car look as though it had just rolled off the showroom floor.

Long-Lasting Protection: What’s even better is that it’s not just about looks; ShineLuxe provides a protective coating that shields against UV damage. It has held up against the sun’s harsh rays, preventing fading and cracking.

Easy Application: I’m no detailing pro, but applying ShineLuxe was a breeze. Just wipe it on, and watch the magic happen. It leaves a glossy, rejuvenated finish without any hassle.

Versatile Use: It’s not just for exterior plastics – I’ve used it on interior surfaces as well. It’s made a world of difference in maintaining a like-new appearance throughout my vehicle.

Professional-Grade Results: ShineLuxe is trusted by professional detailers, and it’s easy to see why. It offers results that rival those of expensive detailing services right in the comfort of your own garage.

In a world of endless car care products, ShineLuxe stands out as a top performer. My car has never looked this good, and I’m no longer embarrassed by its shabby plastic trims. I wholeheartedly recommend ShineLuxe Auto Plastic Restorer to anyone looking to elevate their car detailing game.

Don’t think twice – make your car look and feel brand new with ShineLuxe. Your vehicle deserves the very best, and ShineLuxe delivers on every front.

PlastiGuard Plus Auto Plastic Restorer Back To Black

PlastiGuard Plus Auto Plastic Restorer Back To Black

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PlastiGuard Plus Auto Plastic Restorer is a genuine lifesaver for anyone looking to rejuvenate and protect their car’s plastic trim. I was initially skeptical about the claims, but after giving it a try, I’m convinced that it’s worth every penny. It’s a solid 5-star product.

Efficient Restoration and Protection: PlastiGuard Plus does exactly what it promises. It effectively restored the faded and whitened plastic surfaces on my car, making them look brand new. What sets this product apart is the high-hardness Ceramic Coating that forms after application. It’s like an invisible shield that repels rain and protects the plastic for a very long time. No more worrying about rain washing away the results!

Simple Application: The application process is straightforward. Clean and dry the surface, shake the product, apply a few drops onto a sponge, and then spread it evenly. Buff away any excess residue with a microfiber towel. It’s almost therapeutic to watch the transformation happen. I appreciated that it doesn’t leave a greasy or sticky residue, and the high-gloss finish it imparts is simply stunning.

Remarkable Interior Shine: What truly impressed me is the versatility of PlastiGuard Plus. It’s not just for exterior plastics; it’s perfect for your car’s interior too. My dashboard, door panels, and seats have never looked better. The high-gloss finish it leaves behind gives a premium look and feel to the car’s interior.

Guarding Against Aging: As someone who lives in a sunny climate, I’ve seen the toll that natural elements can take on a car’s surfaces. PlastiGuard Plus has lived up to its promise of protecting against fading and cracking. My car looks just as good as it did when I first got it, and I’m confident it will stay that way for years to come.

In conclusion, PlastiGuard Plus Auto Plastic Restorer has exceeded my expectations. It’s not just a plastic restorer; it’s a complete car care solution. If you want your vehicle to look and feel new while protecting it from the elements, this is the product to go for. Don’t think twice – it’s worth every cent!


  • Exceptional restoration results
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Simple application process
  • Versatile for interior use
  • Effective aging prevention


  • None so far

I wholeheartedly recommend PlastiGuard Plus to anyone who takes pride in their car’s appearance and longevity. It’s a must-have in every car enthusiast’s toolkit!

GloPlastic S3 Vehicle Plastic Restorer Polish for Interior Exterior

GloPlastic S3 Vehicle Plastic Restorer Polish for Interior Exterior

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If you’re as particular about your car’s appearance as I am, S3 Car Plastic Restorer Polish is a game-changer that you absolutely need in your arsenal. It’s a 5-star product that has exceeded my expectations on all fronts.

Revival and Protection Par Excellence: S3’s claim of reviving and protecting your car’s plastics is not an exaggeration. The transformation it brings to both interior and exterior trims is nothing short of astonishing. It took my dull, aging plastics and turned them into showroom-quality brilliance. Plus, the long-lasting protection ensures that this gleam isn’t fleeting.

Hydrophobic Magic: I live in a rainy region, so the hydrophobic coating was a godsend. It’s like having an invisible force field against rain and moisture. This aspect alone is a game-changer – no more worrying about rainwater ruining the shine.

Simple Application, Exceptional Results: Applying S3 is a breeze. The instructions are straightforward: clean, apply, buff, and let it dry. I was impressed with the ease of use and the outstanding results. My car’s plastics have never looked better.

Versatile Solution: I love products that offer versatility, and S3 doesn’t disappoint. It’s equally effective on interior plastics like dashboards and door panels as it is on exterior trims. This all-in-one solution simplifies my car care routine.

Age-Defying Elixir: With S3, my car is now safeguarded against the aging effects of the elements. No more worrying about sun damage or fading. It’s like a youth serum for my vehicle.

In conclusion, S3 Car Plastic Restorer Polish is a must-have for anyone who takes pride in their car’s appearance. It’s transformed my car from a weathered, aging vehicle into a gleaming showpiece. I couldn’t be happier with the results.


  • Remarkable revival and protection
  • Hydrophobic coating is a lifesaver
  • Easy application process
  • Versatile for interior and exterior plastics
  • Outstanding age-defying capabilities


  • None to report

This is more than just a product; it’s a solution to keeping your car looking new and stunning. If you want your vehicle to shine and stay protected, S3 Car Plastic Restorer Polish is the way to go. It’s a solid 5-star performer, and I wholeheartedly recommend it. Your car deserves the best, and S3 delivers it.

Key Features to Look for in a Car Plastic Restorer

When searching for the best car plastic restorer in the UK, you should consider the following key features:

  1. Durability and Longevity: Choose a product known for its lasting results to minimize the need for frequent reapplication.
  2. UV Protection: Look for restorers that provide effective UV protection to prevent fading caused by sun exposure.
  3. Ease of Application: Opt for products that are easy to apply and remove, ensuring a hassle-free process.
  4. Resistance to Environmental Factors: A quality restorer should offer resistance to rain, pollutants, and other environmental elements.
  5. Compatibility: Ensure the product is suitable for different types of car plastics, including bumpers, trims, and dashboards.

How to Apply a Car Plastic Restorer

Now that you’ve chosen the right product, let’s discuss how to apply it effectively:

  1. Prepare the Surface: Clean the plastic surface thoroughly to remove dirt, grime, and old products.
  2. Apply the Restorer: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application. Typically, use a clean cloth or applicator pad to spread the restorer evenly.
  3. Buff and Wipe: After applying, buff the surface gently with a clean, dry cloth to achieve a polished finish.
  4. Repeat if Necessary: For best results, some products may require multiple applications.

Maintaining and Extending the Lifespan of Restored Plastics

To keep your car plastics looking their best, consider the following maintenance tips:

  • Regularly clean and protect your plastic surfaces.
  • Use plastic protectants to shield against environmental damage.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaning materials that could scratch the plastic.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How often should I apply a car plastic restorer?
    • It varies depending on the product; some may require monthly application, while others last longer. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  2. Can I use a car plastic restorer on any type of plastic?
    • Most restorers are designed for a wide range of plastic surfaces, but always check the label for compatibility.
  3. Do I need to reapply after it rains?
    • Quality restorers offer rain-resistant properties, but periodic reapplication is advisable for extended protection.


In the UK, protecting and restoring your car’s plastic components is essential for maintaining your vehicle’s aesthetic appeal and value. With the right car plastic restorer, you can enjoy long-lasting results, protection against UV damage, and a rejuvenated appearance. Choose wisely, follow proper application techniques, and implement a maintenance routine to keep your car looking its best for years to come.

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